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A few kind words from people I have treated…

Treatment feedback - one year on:

Dear Mrs Coleman,

I am writing to thank you for helping me to sort out the problems with my right knee, after coming to see you around this time last year, with pains just under my knee cap, and a tight ITB. I felt compelled to just let you know how I have got on since my treatment concluded with you. I thought it would be good for you to know.

Over the last year, the main factor that has contributed to the improvement of my knee condition has been regular cycling.

Every weekend (apart from one or two - and through the Winter months), I have cycled from home (Banstead) to Box Hill (up the Zig Zag Road) and back. This is a trip of around 18 miles (I have all the measurements on my Garmin GPS). Slowly but surely, this has resulted in an increase in the muscle mass on both my upper legs, the right one more so, and the nerves in the fat pad just below my knee cap are no longer complaining.

So, just last week I decided to buy a better/lighter racing bicycle and I have really taken to the Sport, much more than I ever thought I would. The benefits to my well-being and health have been, and are tremendous.

So, I thank you most sincerely for helping me and putting me on the right road of recovery, in more ways than one.

Yours sincerely

Christopher H Gregory

Back complaint:

Denise has seen me for several sessions now about a back complaint. I was impressed by how thoroughly she got to the very root of the problem within the first session and miraculously made the problem 80% better immediately. I wish I'd seen Denise sooner and can highly advocate making an appointment.

Nathan Small

Treatment feedback:

I have consulted Denise on a number of occasions, each time with a positive outcome. Her extensive medical knowledge and meticulous approach to diagnosis is effective and refreshing. She is a dedicated, enthusiastic professional, and I would definitely recommend her.

John, Leatherhead
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