Physiotherapy and Osteopathy in Ashtead, Surrey

Denise L M Coleman MSc. BSc. Hons. Ost. MCSP MACP

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist and a registered Osteopath, which means I am on the statutory register for both professions which is only possible by examination.

Re: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

09 May 2022 – latest restrictions. The practice is continuing to operate in the same way as it has been – including as from 5th November. Medical appointments are not affected and Physiotherapy and Osteopathy practices can operate in the same way as they have been since the 1st June.

The practice is offering face to face appointments and video consultations. There is of course surface disinfection and repeated hand washing. My risk assessment and mitigation policy can be found here.

In brief summary there have been some changes: no plinth covers (although I do ask clients to bring their own towel to lie on if possible), wipeable pillow cases (sometimes they will be used for comfort and removed after each patient). I will wear a mask, gloves and an apron (unless a patient has had a negative test within the preceding 72 hours of the session). I will provide a mask for patients who do not have their own.

If you already have an appointment booked with me then please let me know, however late notice, if you have started to feel unwell or have been in contact with someone within the last 14 days who has contracted COVID-19. I will reschedule your appointment for a later time when you have been well for 14 days.

If you are attending for an appointment it would be helpful if you could bring your own towel or light blanket for you to be covered during treatment to keep you warm.

I am endeavouring to keep patients apart, I have a small waiting room but I would ask that you stay in the car until your appointment time to minimise any close contact. Occasionally it happens that a person has been brought for treatment and their escort is waiting for them so although I will try to leave a longer gap between patients it would be helpful if you could wait until your appointment time to minimise any risk of close contact and then come in on time. If I am running slightly late I may ask you to wait a short time.

I would appreciate it if you could shower before coming to your appointment and please do come straight here, not calling in at shops etc on the way.

If I were to become unwell after I have seen you – eg the next day – this would mean I might have passed something on to you and I would phone you to let you know you need to self isolate completely.

If you would like to make an appointment then please either contact me in the normal way from my website contact page, directly to my obscure_denise or leave a message on my landline 01372 275823.

Thank you, I wish you all well.
The practice has been established for over twenty five years, has a single well equipped treatment room with attached waiting area and separate side entrance on the ground floor. The practice places an emphasis on manual and manipulative therapy but also offers Ultrasound and comprehensive exercise therapy to complement treatment.
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I hope these pages will help you find out about what the practice can offer, give you information about me and my professional qualifications and to understand a little more about physiotherapy and osteopathy in general.

Please take a look around my site for more detailed information about the practice in general, what people say about the practice, how best to contact me and how to find our location in Ashtead.
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Sessions can be booked by telephoning the practice on

01372 275823

Opening hours
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