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Osteopathy is an approach to healthcare that emphasizes the role of the musculoskeletal system in health and disease. In most countries osteopathy is a form of complementary medicine, emphasizing a holistic approach and the skilled use of a range of manual and physical treatment interventions (osteopathic manipulative medicine, or OMM in the United States) in the prevention and treatment of disease.

More information concerning definitions of Osteopathy can be obtained by referring to the BOA and the GOsC websites.

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Some excerpts from my Osteopathic dissertation

‘The intention of Osteopathy is holistic, it sees itself uniquely placed in considering the reciprocity of structure and function (Kirk 2006) and seeks to restore or facilitate the body’s return to homeostasis. Osteopathic treatment may involve treating many parts of the body seemingly distant from the presenting symptoms…’

‘As a general rule both Osteopathy practitioners and Physiotherapists practice in the Musculo-skeletal and neurological fields have extremely close tactile contact with their respective patient groups…’

‘Osteopathy is seen by its practitioners as a philosophy a preset of Osteopathic principles concerns it; a uniquely osteopathic intention to respect and restore the body’s compensation mechanisms (homeostasis), which have resulted in the diseased state. This is supported by McKone (2001).’

References for this piece of work are available on request.
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