Your questions

I hope to answer some of your questions on this page

You will probably find a number of these answers elsewhere on this site; I have collated them here for ease of reference. If you cannot find an answer here, please do contact me.


What are your opening hours?
Appointments can be made to suit you during the day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and in the evening on Monday and Thursday. You will find current practice opening times on this page.
How long is each session?
Treatment sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes each although there are times when a session may be shorter if there are clinical reasons which dictate this.
Can I wait with you if I am early for an appointment?
The practice has a small waiting area next to the treatment room, you are most welcome to make use of it.


Which conditions do you treat?
Treatment in the practice is available for a wide variety of conditions such as:

  • Sports related injuries
  • Acceleration/deceleration injuries e.g: motor vehicle, skiing accident
  • Neck and back pain (including arm pain or sciatica)
  • Rehabilitation following surgery or fractures (bone breaks)
  • RSI
  • Joint pains including arthritic conditions
What kind of treatment do you provide?
The practice places an emphasis on manual and manipulative therapy but also offers Ultrasound and comprehensive exercise therapy to complement treatment. A more complete description of treatment and what to expect can be found on my treatment page.
What does the treatment involve?
The treatment will involve:

  • A detailed history of your current problem
  • A history of your recent and past medical details and medication (tablets)
  • A detailed physical examination. You will need to remove clothing (not underwear) to expose the appropriate areas
  • A clinical diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan constructed
  • Your treatment plan will be explained to you and you will be involved in its development
Do I need to see a doctor before I visit you?
I am a first contact practitioner so it is not necessary to see a doctor before coming for treatment. Should you wish to claim against your insurance company you will however have to be referred by your G.P.
Does my GP know when I visit you?
I do have good professional relationships with our local G.Ps and aim to keep them fully informed of your treatment and progress unless you request otherwise. If you prefer not to notify your G.P. this is perfectly acceptable and your wishes will be respected.
What is Osteopathy?
I have included some excerpts from my Osteopathic dissertation along with other information on this page.
Do you have any information on MRI scanning?
I work closely with the MRI centre at Vista Diagnostics. This organisation offers very reasonable scanning services. Please take a look at this page for more information.

Cost and payment

How much does a session cost?
Current session costs can be found on this page, or by ringing the practice on 01372 275823.
Are there any additional costs I should know about?
Any splints etc. which are ordered are supplied at cost (plus postage and VAT). I do not add a handling fee for these items, but I do have to pass on the actual cost to you.
Do you accept health insurance referrals?
Yes, insured patients usually have their accounts paid directly by their insurers. Insurance companies know the practice as D.L.M.Coleman.

More details can be found on my health insurance page.
Can you invoice the health insurer?
Yes, treatment costs for insured patients can be invoiced direct to the insurers.

About the practice

How can I contact you?
You can use my contact page, or telephone me on 01372 275823. Alternatively, you can email me directly.
Where are you in Ashtead?
Please visit my location page to see a map showing where the practice is located, you can get directions too. There are also photographs of the practice to help you recognise us.
How long has the practice been open?
The practice has been established for over twenty five years, relocating to Ashtead in early 1991 after moving from its previous site in Epsom.
Can I find out what people say about the practice?
I have a feedback page where you can read what people say about the practice and the treatment I give.
Is access to the treatment room straighforward?
There is a separate side entrance on the ground floor approached via one small step. Grab rails are provided for your safety.
Can I send you my feedback on the practice?
Yes, please use my Feedback form to let me know what you thought about your treatment.

About me

What qualifications do you hold?
Please look at my qualifications page where I discuss my professional qualifications.
Are you regulated in any way?
The regulatory bodies of Physiotherapists and Osteopaths require us to demonstrate our competence to practice by submitting a record of our continuing professional development activities in the form of a portfolio. Please look at my qualifications page for more details.
How do you manage a work-life balance?
I am really keen to have a good work-life balance, I have lots of energy and I love taking exercise. You can read a little more about me out of practice hours on my lifestyle pages.
Do you have any practical tips to avoid strain on muscle and joints?
Yes, I have put together a number of simple pieces of advice to help prevent muscle and joint pain. Please take a look at my Practical preventative tips and Workstation questionnaire pages.
I'm sure I saw you cycling in Ashtead recently...
That could well have been me, you may even have seen me as far afield as Abinger Hammer. Please take a look at my lifestyle page to find out a little more about my hobbies.
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Sessions can be booked by telephoning the practice on

01372 275823

Opening hours
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