Treatment at the practice

What to expect before and during your visit

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I am a first contact practitioner so it is not necessary to see a doctor before coming for treatment. Should you wish to claim against your insurance company you will however have to be referred by your G.P.

I do have good professional relationships with our local G.Ps and aim to keep them fully informed of your treatment and progress unless you request otherwise. If you prefer not to notify your G.P. this is perfectly acceptable and your wishes will be respected.

The practice has one well equipped treatment room which is run single handed and is fully computerised.
Your physiotherapy and osteopathy treatment will involve
  • A detailed history of your current problem
  • A history of your recent and past medical details and medication (tablets)
  • A blood pressure check is offered
  • A detailed physical examination. You will need to remove clothing (not underwear) to expose the appropriate areas
  • A clinical diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan constructed
  • Your treatment plan will be explained to you and you will be involved in its development.
A detailed history of your current problem
  • Areas of pain or symptoms
  • Possible causative factors
  • Occupation/hobbies/sports and how they affect your problem
  • Effects of certain postures/positions on your problem
  • Current investigations e.g. X Rays which you may have had.
Recent and past medical history
  • Current and previous medication
  • Pevious injuries, illnesses or operations which you may have had.
Physical examination
  • Observation of the area
  • Range and quality of movement performed by you
  • Muscle strength tests
  • Reflexes and tests of the nervous system if necessary
  • Passive range of movement and palpation of joints and soft tissues performed by me.
Clinical diagnosis
  • The detailed history and physical examination should enable me to provide you with a diagnosis of your problem. If you have had surgery it will allow me to have a baseline against which to monitor your progress and to give you a probable timescale for how much treatment is likely to be needed.
Treatment plan
  • This will be specific for your needs and will be explained to you.
Treatment may consist of
  • Passive mobilisation of joints (oscillatory movements of varying amplitude) to increase movement
  • Manipulation (a small amplitude movement of high velocity) to restore movement
  • Soft tissue massage to increase flexibility and circulation
  • Postural education, exercises and/or advice to facilitate improvements in range of movement
  • Electrotherapy where applicable to aid healing of soft tissues e.g. Ultrasound
  • Traction. This is a separation force applied to relieve pain and stiffness. It may be rhythmical or prolonged.
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Sessions can be booked by telephoning the practice on

01372 275823

Opening hours
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